Why and when did the Ohio capital change?

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Notes from Mrs. Hastings:

Interesting facts, guys! I wonder if we can find any primary sources: plans for the city layout (Washington DC was a planned city, too)

1803: Ohio becomes a state and Chillicothe is elected first capital, this is also the year that Ohio became a state

1810: Zanesville becomes the capital

1812: Chillicothe regains its place as capital

1816: Columbus becomes the capital

Source www.chillicothe.com/images/chillicothe_timeline.pdf

Columbus chosen because of central location and access to transportation routes (mainly rivers)

General Assembly picked Columbus over Dublin, Worthington, Franklinton, Delaware, and more

Before the General Assembly’s decision in 1812, Columbus was not a city.

Columbus was designed to be the capital from the drawing board, preparing it for the economical, social, and political duties yet to come

Actual move made (construction completed) in 1816

Source: ohio history connection The ohio General Assembly consists of the House of representatives, and the senate

Source: ohiosenate.com

Governors in office during moves:

Edward Tiffin

Thomas Kirker

Samuel H. Huntington

Return J. Meigs Jr.

Source: wikipedia.org

The main reason for this change was an attempt by Democratic-Republicans in Ohio to solidify their control over eastern Ohio.

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