Why was the Battle of Lake Erie important to Ohio's history?

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The Battle of Lake Erie
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Next time you go to Lake Erie, think about the battle behind it. Where you are standing right now, about 200 years ago, the battle could had been right in front of you.

On September 10th, 1813 the Americans troops saw Robert Heriot Barclay’s large ships heading for them. Barclay wanted Lake Erie and so did Perry. They decided to go into war because they both wanted control of Lake Erie. The battle started when the first gunshot was fired from Barclay’s large ships at 11:45 a.m. They missed the American ships, but that made the Americans go back at them for even trying to fire the shot.When the War of 1812 began, Oliver Hazard Perry took over command of the Americans. On July 1813, the ships were ready and 500 men are serving for the Americans. Perry saw the British’s large boats coming near. The battle started soon after. Perry’s ship, was soon destroyed with most of the crew killed or wounded. Perry then moved his flag to Niagara (another American ship), rowing a boat half a mile in the middle of the war to arrive at the ship. Shortly after, the battle began to turn out better for the Americans.

The British thought the Americans would go back to their base, but instead, Perry’s crew sailed right toward the British. It only took three hours for the British to surrender. At the end, 27 Americans were killed and for the British lost 41 lives.

This battle was not long, but it was a very important battle to the war of 1812.

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