cedar-bog v2.pngWhy do we need to protect Cedar Bog?

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Cedar Bog is located in Champaign County, Ohio. It is a natural landmark because you can find over forty endangered, threatened or rare plants and animals. Cedar Bog is a protected landmark because it is losing land and animals.

Even though Cedar Bog is called a bog it actually is not a bog, it is a fen. A fen is a wetland that has an underground water source that supplies itself with it’s own water. Because over the last two hundred years 90% of Ohio’s wetlands have been drained, so Cedar Bog is a National Landmark.
Cedar Bog Losing Land!
Unfortunately, Cedar Bog had 7,000 acres but now it has 450 acres. It only has 450 acres because farmers have bought the land for farming. When the farmers buy the land it takes away habitats for the animals. Cedar Bog’s 7,000 acres were formed by retreating glaciers of the Wisconsin Valley River tens of thousands of years ago.

Now, we need to protect Cedar Bog. Cedar Bog needs to stay protected because it is one of the only bogs left in Ohio, and one day it could be the only one.

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