Why did the first people come to America, and what was their life like once they came?

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Many early colonists came to America for different reasons. Some came because the King of Great Britain wanted them to have a certain religion. Others came because of poor harvests. Still others didn’t have a good job to support their family. The first colony was settled in 1607.
King George III got mad at the colonists because they wouldn't listen to the Proclamation of 1763 that said the colonists could not live west of the Appalachian Mountains. The colonists didn’t listen to King George III.

To punish them, King George III put the Stamp
Act in action and he put a tax on tea. The colonists were not happy and they declared war on England. That is what caused the Revolutionary War!
The war lasted eight years, and the colonists had won the war!That’s why we are not ruled by the British any more.

Some of the early settlers were children too, and they had to work very hard. Children worked on farms, in factories, and in mines. Many boys as young as nine years old worked as mule boys in mines. The girls had to sort ore in a copper mines starting in 1865. In the early days children had little time to go to school.They had to help their parents.

Most kids back then didn’t have a good education. Many children died before they were even 5 years old! It’s because they had illnesses and had no medicine for the children. Even though life was very hard for the early Americans, they felt they had a better life here.

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