Who were the Prehistoric Indians and what was their life like?

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All groups of Prehistoric Indians hunted. We don’t know much about their life until the Ice Ages. During the Ice Ages, they began to migrate toward Ohio.

The first Indians were the Paleo People. The word Paleo means old or ancient. Paleo Indians is also a word that meant “first people” to enter an area. The Paleo people are believed to have came from Asia across a land bridge, though no one knows for sure how the Paleo Indians got here. They ate anything that was edible, even mammoths. They traveled alone or in small groups and followed their food. No one knows what happened to the Paleo Indians?

Next came the Archaic Indians. They were the first to begin to farm. The Archaic lived in bigger groups than the Paleo Indians and stopped traveling. They hunted and also fished. There are not that many things historians could find on the Archaic Indians.

After the Archaic Indians, the Adena Indians came. They were the first to build mounds in Ohio. They lived in villages with leaders and traded with other people, and were also referred to as the Woodland Indians.

Next came the came the Hopewell. They had villages with strong leaders. The Hopewell. The Hopewell made large mounds for many reasons like ceremonies and trading posts. The Hopewell made The Great Circle Mound in central Ohio “A.K.A Michaels favorite Indian mound.”

After the Hopewell came the Fort Ancient. The Fort Ancient lived in large villages with plazas. Plazas were areas used to have meetings or ceremonies. The Fort Ancient are believed to have built the amazing Great SerpentMound in Adams County, Ohio, The Fort Ancient continued to live in Ohio until the 1600s. Some historians believe that the Seneca People ‘’A.K.A” the first Historic Indians’’ attacked the rest of the Fort Ancient, causing an end to the Prehistoric Indians.






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