Who built the Serpent Mound?

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You’ve probably heard of the Serpent Mound, but have you heard of the debate behind it? The debate is about who built Serpent Mound. The Serpent Mound is not a burial mound like most people think, it is an effigy mound. An effigy mound is a type of mound that resembles an animal, it’s not for sure but most people believe the Serpent Mound resembles a serpent (snake). There are 3 different tribes that could have built the mound, the Adena, the Hopewell or the Fort Ancient. Nobody really knows who built the mound, but there are a lot of ideas about who built it. It is still a big mystery.

Some scientists think that the Adena built the Serpent Mound. Scientists found arrowheads, jewelry, and sculptures in the mound from the time period of the Adena, (800 BCE -200 CE). Two other Adena mounds are near the Serpent Mound, so there is proof that the Adena were building mounds around that area. Because of the artifacts found in the Serpent Mound and the fact that the Adena have other mounds in this territory, people have believed that the Adena built the Serpent Mound.

Although there is evidence that the Adena built the Serpent Mound, some people believe it was the Hopewell who built it. The Hopewell were in the Ohio territory around the same time period as the Adena. The Hopewell built a 12 foot high mound near the Serpent Mound. If they could build a 12 foot high mound it would have been easy for them to build the Serpent Mound because it is only 3 feet high. Scientists also found artifacts in the mound that they believe was used by the Hopewell. This charcoal was dated back to the Hopewell time period (200 BCE-400 CE).The Hopewell could have very well built the Serpent Mound.

Fort Ancient?
Finally, there are ideas that the Fort Ancients built the Serpent Mound. Scientists found charcoal that was from the Fort Ancient time period (1000 CE-1650 CE). The Fort Ancient arrived 1000 years after the Hopewell. Most Scientists currently believe that the Fort Ancient built the mound. The Fort Ancient are famous for building lots of mounds in Ohio. When speaking with archaeologist we have found that experts from the Ohio History Connection currently believe that the Serpent Mound was built by the Fort Ancient. That is why some people believe the Fort ancient built the Serpent mound. external image jm6w9zujq0PTwsSTfSHc_OTerTcnYsU0YcZx_I9ZS-Y3Xc6gnPhArcjFVSh2jf5regdqi93PdQQLtbdJzRbdQJ_4617PSBHNvfemArQCvlWAfeYX6yZIhGSyDTzQ6klGq8kpXite

This is a Fort Ancient bracelet found in the serpent mound.

As this debate continues to develope no one is sure who built the mound. To this day many people have different beliefs of who built the Serpent Mound.

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