What were the Black Laws

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The Northwest Ordinance made slavery illegal in Ohio, but some people in Ohio were worried that if freed slaves came to our state, they would take people’s jobs. Many businessmen and leaders had important friends from the south and did not think blacks were equal to the whites. So in 1804, Ohio came up with the Black Laws, which limited their rights.

In 1807 more black laws were added. Freed blacks had to have certificates that showed proof of freedom (from a United States court) before they could move to Ohio. Another restriction was that two white men had to guarantee that any freed black man would not cause any trouble, if they moved to Ohio. If they did cause any trouble the white man needed to pay $500. Also, freed slaves could not marry white people, or own guns for protection. In 1849 they got rid of the black laws.

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  1. Blacks couldn’t have certain jobs and slavery was prohibited in Ohio. The first job was the gristmill. The gristmill is a factory that turn’s wheat into flower and some Slaves worked there too.
  2. Many Africans who had once been enslaved, couldn’t have certain jobs, because of the Black Laws. The laws were really unfair to the blacks.
  3. Black slaves had to find safe house’s to sleep in 1853 they had to find a safe house so slave hunters would find them. The Black Laws started in 1804
  4. Slavery was all around the United States of States but Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery A man killed Abraham Lincoln because he wanted slavery back and everything normal The man really wanted the slaves back again in the world so he killed Abraham Lincoln. Abraham started the civil war
  5. America won the war slavery stopped almost all around the World.
  6. Black people were treated badly because of Black Laws and the jobs that white people picked for them was horrible.
  7. There was slavery in a little bit of states but not all of them because Abraham Lincoln stopped it and that’s a very good thing.
  8. Later in the World everything was normal no Slaves, no Black Laws nothing and everything was safe.
  9. Right now everything has changed but in 1804 it was really different and they would discriminate the black
  10. There are still slaves today as well many people tried to help slaves sometimes they did sometimes did not