what was the telegraph, and what is its connection to ohio?

Our Answer

The Telegraph is a machine that makes it so that you can send a message instantly. It was invented by Samuel Morse. Back before it was invented you had to carry a letter all the way to the place you wanted it to go. The Telegraph is basically one giant circuit you would push on a piece of metal allowing the electricity to flow. Then that electricity would go all the way to the place you're sending the message to in an instant and it would power an electromagnet.The electromagnet would have a magnet above it and that magnet would be forced upward. Then there is a big lever system pushing a pencil down on a piece of paper that is constantly moving. But there is one problem. The Telegraph can only send two shapes, a dot and a dash, so mr. Morse invented a code with only dots and dashes. It is called Morse Code.
The first message sent using the Telegraph was on May 24, 1844.