What was the Underground Railroad?

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The Underground Railroad was not really underground, nor a railroad. It was a secret route to the north and it helped slaves escape from slavery. The Railroad part meant to travel together, the part about “conductors” just meant people leading the slaves to safe houses and freedom, the “station” part meant that they were safe houses to stay at, and the “underground” part meant “secret”. These code names were necessary to keep the escaping slaves safe, and so no one would find out who the people helping the slaves were.

Since slaves were not allowed to read and write, many learned about the Underground Railroad through songs, which were sung in the fields while they worked. Other slaves who escaped, returned to helped more slaves to escape. Harriet Tubman was once a passenger, and then became a conductor on the Underground Railroad. From 1810-1850, more than 100,000 slaves escaped from the south because of the Underground Railroad.

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