What was life like in Ohio and the United States during the Civil War?

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The Civil War started because both sides argued about slavery. The Southern states wanted to allow slavery because their economy needed the slaves to work on the plantations. They were too big for one family to farm. The Northern states had allowed slavery back in history during the time when we were the thirteen original colonies. The Northern states then realized that slavery was wrong. Abe Lincoln was elected president of the United States in 1860. He wanted to end slavery. The Civil War started in 1861. The Civil War lasted for four horrible years. The Southern states surrendered in 1865. Slavery was abolished.

The Civil War was a very stressful time period. A lot of soldiers from post traumatic stress disorders and other psychological disorders.
Most soldiers ate salt pork and cornmeal. 620,000 out of the 2.75 million soldiers died. There were many weapons in the war like muskets,swords,cannons,and machine guns. Some African Americans also served in the Civil War. The only bad part is that they were forced to fight for the South.There was 180,000 African Americans in the war. Now you know that the Civil War was stressful,Horrible,and painful.

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