What was Tecumseh’s life like?


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Have you ever heard of the man ‘Shooting Star?’ Or even ‘Crouching Panther?’ Well, that man is more commonly known as Tecumseh. (also spelled Tecumthe, Tikamthe, or Tecumtha.)

Tecumseh was born in March, 1768 near the Scioto River in Ohio. His father, Pucksinwah, died in Lord Dunmore’s war during the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774. Tecumseh was only 6 years old at the time of his death. Tecumseh began fighting when he was 14 years old. When he was older, he joined the American Indian Confederacy. Tecumseh was one of the warriors at the Battle of Wabash. Then later, Tecumseh left the Native American Confederacy and raised his own confederacy to fight William Henry Harrison. Harrison was a man trying to get Native American’s land.
To get people to join the confederacy, he stated this speech: “Shall we give up our homes, our country, giv’n to us by ‘The Great Spirit?’ The graves of our dead, and everything that is sacred to us; taken away without a struggle? I know you will cry with me: never!” Tecumseh was very important in the War of 1812 because he was an important part of the battles inside of the war. Some of the battles he was in were: the Battle of Brownstown, the Battle of Frenchtown, the Siege of Detroit, and the Battle of Thames. He was successful with his confederacy and life until October 5th, 1813, when he died in the battle that was mentioned earlier; the Battle of Thames.

Tecumseh was a great man. He was very loyal to the Shawnees’ and made a major impact on Native Americans forever. In the body paragraph you learned about Tecumseh’s important aspects of his life. Tecumseh died an honorable death. He was soon buried at the island of Walpole Island in 1813.

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