What was Ohio like during the civil war?

Our Answer

Research of the prisoners By Kaden Kubota and Abdullah alathari
  • In june 1861 the U.S. Government opened camp chase near columbus.
  • Camp chase was really bad because it was a prison.
  • 5 months later on 1861 in october, 300 people were captured and were prisoners.
  • 15,000 confederate soldier went to prison.
  • The camp received its first prisoners.
  • More than two thousand people were slain and went to prison.
  • After the civil war the U.S. government closed down the camp in 1872.
  • Camp chase was located near a prison area.
  • Camp chase was about to explode in 1861 at a village. In 1861 june first they renamed camp chase to Salman P.

But they would not let the prisoner starve so they let them have not so good food was in columbus but it was destroyed.