what was the environment like during the ice age in ohio ?

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What did the environment look like during the Ice Age in Ohio?
1. What type of plants grew?
The plants were almost the same as arctic plants today. There weren't any trees, just mosses and lichens.
2. What animals lived then?

Columbian Mammoth, Dire Wolf, American Mastodon, Saber-toothed Cat,Harlan’s Ground Sloth, Short-Faced Bear, Woodland Muskox. These large animals were able to dig thru the snow.
3. What did land looked like? Glacieres made the earth flat. And carved the earth too. When glaciers melted, hills of rock and soil were left behind. It later turned into very good farming soil. The melt water formed the Great Lakes.
4. When was the last ice age?

Sheets of ice covered much of Ohio. The last glaciers began melting about 12,000 years ago.