Were the Wright Brothers successful the first time they flew?

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`` Were the Wright Brothers successful the first time they flew?

The Wright Brothers
The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, were from Dayton, Ohio. Susan, their mom invented and created things. Orville tried to make bubble gum to earn extra money.
The Wright Brothers had many failed flying attempts. Their first successful flight was December 17, 1903. They tested their first flight in North Carolina. Orville got off the ground for 12 seconds. They could not control it as good as they thought, so they built a wind tunnel. So they took the plane back to Ohio. They modified it for a second attempt. The second plane had a tail.This attempt was much better and the plane flew longer. Wilbur tried to figure out how to steer. They controlled it through hard winds, but it worked!!! They continued and flew successfully 400 more times. They made the wings turn and they flew 600 more times. They created their own propellers and motor. They celebrated. It was amazing. Not many people knew of the brothers success at the time. All of us today understand the importance their innovation. This was a very important innovation. Ever since that day air travel has gotten faster, better, and more complex.
Related Facts: Wright State University, near Dayton, Ohio, has some Wright Brothers artifacts. They used Question, Research, Hypothesis, Testing, and Analysis to make the plane. They wanted to know everything... There was a lot that happened after their successful innovation. They went to England and France. People tried to steal their ideas. Overall, the airplane changed travel forever.

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