How did the past use photographs?

Our Answer

Using photographs

Yara: How do you decide which photos are valuable to history?
Ashleigh: all photos? Clothes,events,color

Francesca: How do you preserve and scan photos?
Ashleigh: touch photos with Cotton gloves, glass plastic sleeves,cool dry dark places, scanner.

Francesca: What can people learn from photos that can’t be found in other primary sources?
Ashleigh: People sometimes forget things when they write down memories. Photos show what people wore,how they lived, customs and everyday life.

Yara: Where do you find photos-- who gives them to you? Where are they from?
Ashleigh: families go through their attics and find photos and people move and they find boxes of photos there.

Francesca: Have you ever found a photo that changed your ideas about history?
Ashleigh: No but colorized photos are giving people a more realistic idea of the past

Yara: What clues can you use to figure out the age of a photo or who the people in the photo are?
Ashleigh: They compare the unknown photos with other photos. They look at the clothes, place, or event in the picture. They look at how the photo was printed. Polaroids and square pictures were from the70’s and 80’s. If they were printed on metal or glass,they are very old and made before the 1880’s. The best way to tell the age of a picture is to ask the people who gave them to you.