How would the Underground Railroad conductors find the safest routes for slaves?

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So you were wondering How Did Underground Railroad Conductors Find The Safest Routes. Good question! We were wondering the same thing so that's why we made this research project.

When a slave would make a risky choice to run away, the conductors of the Underground Railroad would help them!
Some ways they helped are:

Conductors would pretend to be a slave’s owner if they had lighter skin. They could hide slaves in wagons with false bottoms. They could pretend the slave was dead by hiding them in coffins. They would also leave signs like quilts and maps on their porches to signal the slaves.
If the conductors heard slave hunters coming with dogs they would cook hushpuppies, garlic or onions. All of these items either produce a strong smell or hurt the dogs’ noses. Those are some things conductors did to help escaping slaves!
Questions and Answers

Q:Where would slaves go when they made it to the north

A: Most slaves would head straight to Canada where they are not in danger of being caught. others were so desperate they stayed in America but were never sure who to trust

Q:What would happen to slaves if they were caught trying to escape

A: Slaves would be severely hurt, The overseer would whip them until they would have scars on them and were bleeding horribly also later they could be sold to a different owner

Q: When was the underground railroad?

A: From 1820 to 1861