How many indian chiefs signed the Treaty of Greenville and who were they?

The Treaty of Greenville happened because the native americans lost the battle of fallen timbers. This was the last major battle of the frontier wars between the settlers and the indians. The treaty forced the indians to give up most of the land in ohio, which was their villages and hunting grounds. all the tribes had to remain north and west of the the treaty of greenville line. Blackhoof, Blue Jacket, Little Turtle, Leather Lips, Tarhe, and Antardi are some indians that signed the treaty of Greenville.. The treaty was signed on August 3, 1795 at Fort Greenville. All the indians chiefs signed the Treaty of Greenville except Tecumseh. tecumseh was a Shawnee chief, who felt that no one could own the land. he vowed to continue to fight the settlers, and he did not remain north and west of the treaty line. the tribes which signed the treaty were Wyandot, Delaware, Shawnee, Seneca, Chippewa, Pottawatomie, Kickapoo,Wea, Piankashaw, and Miami .

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