How is human interaction hurting Lake Erie?


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At Lake Erie things are going on that people think are good for Lake Erie but it's actually hurting the wildlife a lot. Because of overfishing and how they are developing the shoreline. There are two species of animals in Lake Erie that are either endangered or extinct because of this human interaction. Endangered means that an animal is close to going extinct. Extinct means that there are no more animals of a species. The endangered species in Lake Erie is the Lake Erie Watersnake, and the extinct species is the Blue Pike.

An Extinct Species in Lake Erie
There is are many different species of fish in Lake Erie, there are
approximately fifty-two species of fish in the Lake. One fish that went extinct in Lake Erie is the Blue Pike, also known as the Blue Walleye. The Blue Pike was caught by commercial and sport fisherman and went extinct in 1970. The Pike lived in cool clear water during the summer which might of caused them to go extinct because fisherman would have been able to find them easily.

An Endangered Species in Lake Erie
Another endangered species in Lake Erie is the Lake Erie Watersnake. The Water snake is endangered because it is losing its habitat because of shoreline development. The adult water snake is gray and has uncompleted band patterns. The Lake Erie Watersnake is related to the Northern Watersnake. If this animal went extinct than it would hurt the ecosystem even more.

In conclusion human interaction has been horrible at Lake Erie because of shoreline development and habitat loss. We hope that no more species in Lake Erie go extinct especially The Lake Erie Watersnake like the Blue pike did.

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