How did the telephones change over the years?

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Alexander Graham Bell was an influential scientist engineer inventor.Alexander graham bell was born March 3rd,1837.3.Alexander graham bell died on August 2nd 1922 at the age 75.Also his mother was deaf so Alexander learned sound, so Alexander would speak really low to talk to his mother.Alexander also reached the deaf.Alexander went to college in London.He worked with Thomas Watson to invent the telephone they tried to connect wires to two rooms to experiment it, then Bell’s voice traveled through the rooms this is what Alexander said : Mr. watson please come here.Then Bell introduced the telephone to the whole world even the president came!And Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland.Bell’s family lived so close that they learned together!

The first operators were teenage boys, who often engaged in horseplay and foul language. Telephone companies soon began hiring “girls”, in order to present a more gentle image to customers. c. 1877
  • 1878-- First switchboard allowed operators to connect telephone subscribers to each other
  • 1900- Most phones were a box that hung on the wall. It was so expensive to own a phone that only businesses and the wealthy could afford them.
  • 1915- Transcontinental phone line from NY to San Francisco begins service. Vacuum tubes and amplifiers were needed to make long distance calls possible.
  • 1940- Articles in the paper worried this new technology would cause people to stop getting together because they could just talk to each other.
  • 1963- Touch tone phones-- 10 buttons instead of dials now used for phones.
  • 1975- Beginning to use fiber-optic cables for long-distance calls
  • 1978- First mobile cell phone system tested in Chicago.

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