Did the Settlers and Indians get along,why or why not?

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There was evidence of cooperation and conflict during the time the settlers and Indians were in Ohio. There was cooperation when the Indians traded furs with the settlers for weapons, cooking items, jewelry, and cloth. One Wyandot leader, Leatherlips, became friends with the settlers, and lived alongside the settlers near Dublin. These peaceful relations did not last. Leatherlips was killed by his own people for refusing to follow them to Northern Ohio. Conflict continued when the settlers bought the land and tried to remove the Indians who were not friends with the settlers. One Indian, Tecumseh, was very strong in his belief that the land was from nature and no one could own nature. He did not want to live alongside the settlers. This led to many battles. The Indians won some of these battles, but when they could not unite and were out-numbered against the strong United States Army, they were forced out of Ohio forever.

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