Why were Garrett Morgan’s inventions so famous?

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Garrett Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky on March 4th, 1877. He was the son of former slaves, once he was born his mother and father were freed. Garrett spent his time inventing and creating things to make life easier. He invented the Three Position Traffic Signal, the Gas Mask and other inventions. The Gas mask and the Traffic signal are a few of his life saving inventions.

Garrett Morgan invented a breathing device called the safety hood which helped people wearing it breath when they were in smoke or gases. This device helped with the creation of the Gas Mask. The mask was fitted with different straps which could be tightened to make a good fit. There are many different models of Gas Masks today because of the safety hood. The safety hood could only protect the user for a limited time. This lead to new models that now require a user to replace a filter device in the mask. Garrett Morgan patented the Safety Hood in 1914.

Garrett Morgan’s Three Position Traffic Signal
Another life saving invention that Morgan created was the Three Position Traffic Signal. The original traffic signal just went from stop to go with no warning. This led to many accidents because the signal would change while cars and horses were still in the intersection. But next there was a new and improved traffic signal that was invented by Garrett Morgan so there would be less accidents. One of the reasons he invented the traffic signal was because he saw a big accident between a horse carriage and a vehicle. There were busy streets in Cleveland with humans and vehicles. Garrett Morgan eventually sold the new and improved traffic signal to General Electric. He patented the traffic signal on November 20th 1923.

Garrett Morgan was very important to Ohio History. He saved many lives with his inventions and many of his inventions are still used today.

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